Friday, September 06, 2002

The word for this week is catharsis. Here is me, trying to purge my angst, pain and aggression into a more constructive medium. Yes, that's right, more webstuff. I conquered the elusive personality test making code and made my first of what will soon be many personality tests. My first test was the KMFDM personality test, a fun little thing indeed.

Sent off pictures to Michael of the live Slick Idiot crew. Wonder what he wants with them?

Slowly making friends with yet another musician who is apparently in my electro synthpop kinda thing. I have this thing where I either attract musicians or gravitate towards them I don't know what it is.

Went grocery shopping and have plenty o food now, but also plenty o dishes which I should be washing right now instead of typing away on here. I was good today and did my exercises, but I've been really crabby and have languished a lot this week. I deserve to gain back some of that flab I guess. I hope I get to go dancing this evening at Exit...I could use come cathartic dance time too. Still have lots to work out in my head. :(

Been very antisocial as a result...not much for talking. More for doing. I find that for the most part, talking doesn't help nearly as much as channeling the feelings into projects of sorts. Four years and eight webpages later, you can see that i've had a lot to work out. I have no idea how much web space I'm taking up, but it must be a lot.

I need to kick myself in the butt and continue on with Gothic Survivor and finish my goth choose your own adventure story. Slow going, but determined to get somewhere with them, as many view that as some of my best work.

Ah well...time to go accomplish things.


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