Thursday, September 05, 2002

The zoo is a smelly place. Don't get me wrong, I love the zoo and watching cute fuzzy creatures frolicking about. I even love the uglier creatures like the rhinos and hippos and walruses. But man, the olfactory onslaught of animal aroma. Yeep. And then there those moments when you are watching a cute creature doing excessively cute things, or marveling at a wonderous beast behaving just as it would in nature and suddenly you are reminded that these animals don't give a crap that you are witnessing their various bodily functions. Well, really, they give a very large crap, and that's the problem.

Aside from poop, the zoo was fun. I was being vaguely stalked by a male ostrich for a bit. Many of the animals knew better than to venture out into the heat and sun, so the result was a lot of large floppy kitties, buffalo and camels. My favorite exhibit was probably the jellyfish aquarium, which was lit by blacklight. I wanted that jellyfish tank in my house. Any self respecting raver would have drooled over the trancey display of calming, glowing sea creatures.

After the zoo visit, I realized that despite how some people may think that zoos are cruel to animals by keeping them enclosed and out of their natural habitat, zoo life looks pretty good to me. It would be such a pain to lay around all day in a patch of sun, sleeping, getting well fed, being the center of everyone's attention. No, I'd much rather be an underpaid corporate slave trapped in a cubicle with no view of a window except through the door of someone else's office (but only when it's open) and shuffling papers all day with the only bright spot being a cheap fast food lunch.

I think "Hippo" is a step up from "Office Monkey" any day.

Still cranky though. Work starts next week. Slept like crap. Need groceries. Gots lots to take care of, and no motivation to do so. Maybe I'll throw myself a steak and go gnaw on it in the corner, and roar if anyone stares at me.


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