Monday, November 04, 2002

I can't think of a vile enough add-on to the most foul day of the week.

I survived the Day of the dead was fun, but so much work and I was too tired to do my makeup by the time I got to it. If we weren't decorating, or cooking, or forming corpses out of meat, then I was doing Mike's makeup and trying to keep everything in order. I did get pictures of his makeup, and my costume, and various cute snacks we made, but I need rest before I get a chance to put them up.

I have to put together a new radio show too.....and fast.
Tonight will be nothing but chores however. Our place is trashed. Glad that Mike is foregoing the wrestling so we can rediscover the kitchen sink and living room floor. Who knows what the hell we'll be eating for dinner. We did pick up some neat new decorations from the halloween clearance sales tho....

I have a big dull headache. I'm freezing. I'm hungry. I'm tired. And...I'm whiny.
I just want today to be over, the fallout from last week is taking quite a toll. I'd like to be able to rub my braincells together and form an idea through the friction.

Right now, a nice hot bowl of soup, some comfy PJs and the heating pad behind my back on the couch is sounding just fine to me.


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