Friday, November 29, 2002

Wow...thanksgiving has come and gone already. The holiday weekend is still here of course, but I'm surprised at how fast the actaul day slipped under my radar. it was a good day even though Mike wasn't here. I crashed on Heather and Steve's couch after a night of petting guinea pigs, watching marathons of both "whose line is it anyway", and spongebob squarepants, and mauling through almost an entire can of pringles. Couch wasn't that comfortable though...and my back is already 31 flavors of fucked up.

This morning the OTHER side has decided to be painful - I'm thinking the combination of previous couch sleeping and then sleeping funny in my own bed did the damage. Looks like me and the heating pad have a hot date. Heh. I had dinner with some friends out in the far west burbs of Illinois. The house was full of antique farm implements, crocks, and more ducks than I think actually exist in the wild. The whole eveging was fun. There was a ridiculous amount of food....I ate myself silly. I was all good though, and I came home with an entire gladware plate of leftovers some spinach pastry thingies, and what looks like and entire veggie tray in a bag. And of course, there was pie. Need to fire up the oven and make some pies to give to heather and steve, and one fer meeeee. oh, and mike. I need to make some salsa too..for snacking.

So, I have today off. Sigh. lots i should do. need to exercise. need to make pie and do some sewing or somesuch.....headed out later with steph.


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