Thursday, September 19, 2002

Ahoy mates! Today be the 19th of September. ARRRRRRRRR. And what does that mean to a landlubber like me ye ask? Today is talk like a pirate day....YARRRR. So ye best be speakin of the open sea and swabbin the poop deck else I make ye walk the plank. Today ye shall address me as Mad Prudentilla Bonney, thanks to the Pirate Name Generator

Well, shiver me timbers.... a gray haze settles over me home waters this morn. ARRRR. Avast, I must get on with me exercises, for flabby pirates are ne'er attractive. Then I must sail forward to prepare the grog and grub for the reception at work. A pirate's work is ne'er done, matey. If ye are admiring my piratey speech, then best to get yer peg legs over to this site, or this site, or even this site.

Aye, I must find things to swash and buckle, and alas, my scurvy crew of ruffians must be awakened and sent to slave away in the galley where they belong. I shall go on the account and hopefully find a fine table of hors d'eourves(spelling? agh. arrr) to plunder. YO_HO HO!


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