Friday, September 27, 2002

Friday Friday Friday...MONSTER TRUCK RALLY AT THE.....oh wait. Never mind.

Yeah. I'm in one of THOSE moods. If I were a mood ring I'd be plaid with purple paisley accents and orange stripes.

It's bad enough that I had this awful donut craving for the last couple days. I used to work at a donut shop for about a year and a half or so during high school. One of the most annoying jobs I ever had. Not only did I have to wake up at 5 something in the morning to walk to work and get there at 6am, but i had to wear this awful shade of peach pink and with beige pants, because everything turned that color after spending hours making the donuts.

Making the donuts entailed jamming them onto these little spindle spikes that would squirt assorted fillings into them. And refilling the fillings was not appetizing...who wants to slop around blobs of jelly or cream from a bucket with a spatula? The raspberry jelly looked like something left over from a botched operation. Then there was the frosting of donuts, which we did WITH OUR FINGERS, and I got burned often from the chocolate frosting.

Aside from making the donuts, I had to be cheerful and serve people coffee, all starting at 6am on weekends after having gotten up early for school everyday during the week. Is there really any question why I hate sunrise now and how I developed insomnia?

Never mind the joy I experienced having to work with this enormous, scary german lady named Trudi, who yelled at me for not counting the change in the drawer the way she did, and yelled at me for putting too many papers under the donuts, and made me serve the raving lunatics who would leave a pile of donut shavings and coffee sludge on the counter for me to clean while she talked to old men by the dishwasher for a half hour - making it difficult for me to continue cleaning because her butt was blocking the entire door.

So, when I'd get home in the afternoon, I'd reek of donuts, and the smell wouldn't come out even after a shower. My white shoes would be beige.

Scarred for life? Yes. Donuts have been unappealing to me ever since..but every so often - I'll get a craving. Kinda like the Taco Bell or White Castle craving. The donuts speak to me, and I must eat them to silence their cruel tauntings. So yesterday, after the wafting fingers of donut stench had driven me past my limits of already fragile sanity, I bought some of those evil pastries and devoured them with the remorse of a rabid cheetah.

I am now going to go eat a nice bagel with cream cheese. And, with luck, my mood will stabilize some. heh. yeah.


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