Friday, September 20, 2002

It's getting to be fall in Chicago...which means it's looking really gray outside. Doesn't make me want to wake up in the morning...but I can't exactly help it as my back still continues to hurt, so I wind up rolling out of bed at some awful time like 7:30. So much for sleeping in. Yesterday was was a day of fierce cardio exercise....followed by fierce eating. I helped decprate and set up this grad reception at work, and my if they didn't have some tasty hors d'oeurvres (spelling? damn french...). Of course, this was for the film dept. I'm in theatre so I really didn't know anyone enough to be social. So I got acquanited with four plates of food and a few sips of wine.

I had to crash at home afterwards to digest enough to make room for the already planned dinner of crepes at a friends house. I will need to do some major exercise today. Hopefully I won't injure myself with both the bellydancing and clubbing. Here's to my last day of free time before school. Sigh. Not that my classes won't be fun, but I'm just not ready to give up all my free time yet. Today will be for putting together my next radio show, I suppose. Maybe I can squeeze a nap in there. Blah. tired is me.

Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow, as the island party in wisconsin will be happening. I guess it's just too early for me to be awake. :(


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