Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I'm awake. That, in itself, is a travesty. Didn't sleep too well. The weather is messing with me. While I enjoy these temperatures, I'm having trouble adjusting to them.

I'm hoping I slip into the groove of school pretty soon....I'm kinda fighting it (mostly due to tiredness).

The month is almost over...eeek. October will surely be busy...lots of shows coming up, new CDs being released, and parties/get togethers are on the way. Our social schedule has been filling up every weekend - which is nice. Finally we've found a group of friends here and I think at present they outnumber the amount of people we know back home.

I know I should be excited about my own wedding but i seriously dread the planning of it. And i'm someone who loves to throw parties. we have less than a year. I have to make my dress, find someplace for the reception, find a wedding location, find a minister...basically nothing is done. Both of us are just lazy in the planning department. I am just not much for the pomp and ceremony of it all...especially being put on display. I'm usually not too comfortable in any kind of spotlight.

Blech. My back is hurting again. It actually stopped for a couple days. Maybe after this week goes by I'll feel better and be on top of things again.


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