Friday, September 27, 2002

Yeehah. Here I am, performing my civic duty as a college student to eat ramen noodles. I spent most of my lunch hour in futile search for a book in the student bookstore.

The line of students waiting at the register went all the way around the store....I'd only visited the store on time previous to today, and I'm pretty sure that those are the same students I saw waiting in line last year. I couldn't find what I wanted anyway, and so I just gawked at the store full of victims and left.

I'm very sick of MSN news....I get the MSN page everytime I sign out of my hotmail, and I want to strangle myself with the mouse every time I see what kind of drivel ridden headlines and stories they have on there. Any person with half the intelligence of a stale cupcake and has a grain of common sense doesn't even have to click the links to know how inane the articles are. And, from the look of it, the MSN can't seem to come up with anything much at all as I've seen the same few stories circling around the site like drugged buzzards.

So, I've decided that down the line, amongst all my other web parodies, I should do one of MSN's home page. I think is is beyond called for. And, someday, maybe I'll do the fake email page I'd been pondering too, as if you were reading someone's junk mail.

Yes, trauma is upon me if i am musing the web possibilities that lay before me. argh.


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