Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Here comes the new year. I spent it meeting some new people at Nikki's party in my frock coat, with more than a few drinks in me. It was fun! Muffin has the day off...I'm letting him sleep. Perhaps we'll go see two towers again. We most definitely have to tackle the dishes. Did my new workout tapes yesterday. My arms are sore in fact! And my legs..come to think of it. I managed to pick up the livingroom and part of the kitchen, and make dinner and finish my coat. I even started on a skirt...cutting out pieces and such.

Oh...tired. Shouldn't be up this early really. I could use some juice.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Hmmm....seems I haven't blogged for a bit. Well, considering the craziness of being out of town, and the sewing frenzy I've been undertaking then that really shouldn't be a surprise. Christmas has come and barely felt like the holiday was here at all. Got a few neat things, new CDs - Mesh, Corvus Corax - Lilo and Stitch stuff, some other neat trinkets. Ate a lot as sleep schedule went all wonky though. Finally feeling worn from the weeks of insanity. Fighting off a slight cold.

Bought a bridesmaid dress for use in a friend's wedding. It's a nice formal dress, not an actual bridesmaid piece of shit so I like it and I know I will wear it again, likely for my own honeymoon. Had a really bad day during my vacation though - shitty all around. It peaked in me eating 2 dinners and having a LARGE fishbowl sized glass of long island iced tea. Fun at the time....but I think it contributed to my insomnia that night.

Visiting "home" isn't what it used to be. It actually gets more frustrating each time we matter how much time we have it never seems to be enough to make everyone happy. So, I realized that truly - you can't make everyone happy. Someone is always left out. I'm not sure where I feel at home anymore. I have more close friends here now...some back in Cleveland have gone by the way...sadly, through extenuating circumstances and bad situations. But...Chicago still irks me even though I've learned to like the place better. Too damn many people. Hard to get around. Expensive. And, because of my career choice, I'm stuck here for a while. Mind you...the last thing I want to do is have to pick up and shove off for another city again. NO WAY. No LA or NY for me. No thanks.

I've been happiest while drawing or sewing lately. Haven't been dancing or clubbing much...way too tired. I've fallen off and gotten run over by the exercise wagon. I plan to get myself back on it today, as I have new little weights and a new tape to workout too. Plus, if i'm going to make that skirt, I need to tone up again. It's do me some good, I'm sure.

My coat is almost done...just one more cuff to put in - and perhaps's turned out nice. Smash together the styles of revolutionary war style frock coats with a victorian kind of look - some details taken straight from Alan Rickman's Snape costume - plus the neat effect of doubled buttons and you've got my coat. Kind of a shiny charcoal gray looking affair (stretch denim), with a high neck that makes it look as if I'm wearing a shirt or such beneath. The sleeves are a little funny, but they look good enough and I'm pleased with the way I've sewn the thing. I've improved a great deal. My wedding dress should be a breeze after all this.

Having trouble waking up. What else is new. Got up a bit early really....perhaps a nap is in order after sewing is done and cleaning has taken place.

Got mike some fun things for christmas as well...Vampire Hunter D (Bloodlust), New Underworld CD, New A23, Pig radio show is due as well. That'll be my first task of the new year - updating my show.

Have a party to head to tonight at Nikki's. Going to wear my coat. Need to dye my hair too. I'll be putting the colors back in before this week is up. I should shove off and get myself going....lots to do