Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Snow. frickin white fluffy shit. Lots of it. That's what's going on outside my window at work. Yee-fuckin-hah. If I'm not getting gangrene from the arctic wind and lighting candles to stay warm (and getting wax in my hair when they drip on the floor and I'm trying to catch the wax with a plastic cup...yarrrrrrr), then I'm bundling up and trudging through a winter wonderland and tracking in cold wet sludge onto my kitchen floor.

Despite that last line of spew however, I've had an ok day. Got some costume stuff to start sewing for a friend's show, all haitian caribbean and voodoo-y. Fun stuff. Getting excited about sewing again....

Found a great new word this past weekend. Hinkumbooby. I can't think about it without cracking up. Ah, the twistedness of a good game of balderdash.

I'm not a violent person, (except when I'm doing dishes) and really I'm not much for video games either, but I'm finding Grand theft Auto (Vice City) to be one of my favorite things to watch. Screw TV. And yes, I mean watch. I couldn't play a video game to save my life. Way too many buttons and levers and blippy things moving. But I love watching. There's something just so very satisfying about watching pixelated characters blow the living crap out of each other and causing large fiery explosions. I come away from the whole experience much happier.

Which is why I don't agree with all the bullshit about "oh video games cause violent behavior..blah blah blah". yeah, so does rock music, black clothing and green hair. For the first time I understand what games like that are really for...venting frustration. We aren't all perfect, and we certainly aren't sunshiny and happy the way our television tells us we should be. People get pissed off. They have bad days, and build up anger and often times, there's no place to put it. We aren't really taught how to handle anger very well....you can only count to ten to try and calm down so often. Sometimes you need to release all that instead of burying it.

And, some people aren't artists or musicians who channel feelings like that into a constructive medium. So, what's left for everyone else? Well, outside of wrestling, there's video games. So you're pissed off cuz traffic held you up for an hour and you're behind some asshole with a cell phone surgically attahced to his head driving a lexus with some inane yuppie vanity plate, and the man wouldn't know how to use a turn signal if they bolted one to his arm. What do you do?

You go home. you sit down at your PS2. You say fuck doing the dishes, have 2 full cans of pringles for dinner and you cause a five car pile up with a shiny red corvette, raking the police with bullets. All pixels of course.
Sure, it's violent! So is the world. You can't keep violence out of our culture, it is our culture. Turn on the news and listen to the latest happenings in the middle east if you think I'm wrong. The thing about violent vidoe games is they are not real...they , like angry music, are simply a way to safely release the anger that builds up so we don't go running down the street lopping off people's heads with a chainsaw and taking their money.

Sometimes ya need something like that. And if video games like GTA keep a few more people from pulling out a real gun on someone, then so be it. I won't be arguing. I'm still not much for wrestling, but that's another story that I'm not touching.