Friday, January 30, 2004

arrr. no more chores. chores are such a chore.

i want to stay inside where it's warm and pet furry black things.
Licorice and Schrapnel are doing very well, although they shoot around their cage like little black bullets when we try to pet them. Once we have them out they are very sweet and well behaved. I'm wondering when the hell I'm going to get pooped on by one of them. Perhaps I shouldn't say that so loud....

I cleaned their cage today and could barely catch them in their cardboard holding cell to put them back they were so freaked out. I need to go into the tundra to get them some new veggies and other groceries, but I'm am loathe to do so as I enjoy not freezing my ass off.

I have a lot of clothes, but when I have to wear five outfits all at once just to stay warm, then it really cuts down on the amount of stuff I can wear each day.

I think winter should be illegal. Let's send to faraway countries that we don't like, like Afganistan...oh, wait.

I really don't feel like accomplishing anything today, but I really need to put the luminescent sheep on the ceiling.

And I'm hungry, so I need to cook at some point.

Perhaps I'll go decorate for a bit or something.

music playing: little missile/Mesh