Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well, I'm tired and vaguely wonky. Gotta pack up some CDs in case I actually get a chance to play amateur DJ tonight. It's a 2 hour drive to the island party in Wisconsin. I have no idea how many people will show. Assuming that anyone sleeps, it'll be like a big sleep over. Perhaps I should haul some Bailey's or pear cider with me....

I hate being tired and blorpy...and groggy from a failed attempt at napping. :P Skipping my exercise today as I did both of my workout tapes and went dancing last night. I think I see abs forming though...that's a promising change.

Blah...Muffin is at baseball game. :P Don't know if he will make it to party or not. In the meantime, I am both dreamy and mopey, trying to motivate myself to stay awake. I guess I should get off my butt and accomplish things...or at least look like I'm trying.

Friday, September 20, 2002

It's getting to be fall in Chicago...which means it's looking really gray outside. Doesn't make me want to wake up in the morning...but I can't exactly help it as my back still continues to hurt, so I wind up rolling out of bed at some awful time like 7:30. So much for sleeping in. Yesterday was was a day of fierce cardio exercise....followed by fierce eating. I helped decprate and set up this grad reception at work, and my if they didn't have some tasty hors d'oeurvres (spelling? damn french...). Of course, this was for the film dept. I'm in theatre so I really didn't know anyone enough to be social. So I got acquanited with four plates of food and a few sips of wine.

I had to crash at home afterwards to digest enough to make room for the already planned dinner of crepes at a friends house. I will need to do some major exercise today. Hopefully I won't injure myself with both the bellydancing and clubbing. Here's to my last day of free time before school. Sigh. Not that my classes won't be fun, but I'm just not ready to give up all my free time yet. Today will be for putting together my next radio show, I suppose. Maybe I can squeeze a nap in there. Blah. tired is me.

Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow, as the island party in wisconsin will be happening. I guess it's just too early for me to be awake. :(

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Ahoy mates! Today be the 19th of September. ARRRRRRRRR. And what does that mean to a landlubber like me ye ask? Today is talk like a pirate day....YARRRR. So ye best be speakin of the open sea and swabbin the poop deck else I make ye walk the plank. Today ye shall address me as Mad Prudentilla Bonney, thanks to the Pirate Name Generator

Well, shiver me timbers.... a gray haze settles over me home waters this morn. ARRRR. Avast, I must get on with me exercises, for flabby pirates are ne'er attractive. Then I must sail forward to prepare the grog and grub for the reception at work. A pirate's work is ne'er done, matey. If ye are admiring my piratey speech, then best to get yer peg legs over to this site, or this site, or even this site.

Aye, I must find things to swash and buckle, and alas, my scurvy crew of ruffians must be awakened and sent to slave away in the galley where they belong. I shall go on the account and hopefully find a fine table of hors d'eourves(spelling? agh. arrr) to plunder. YO_HO HO!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I've spent the day making little flowers out of film and hot glue. My fingers hurt. It was a project for work, as there's this reception with food and stuff, so i was making nifty table decorations. I'm stuck here an hour later than I should be, because i have to wait for this lady to get here so i can let her in. Blah.

I guess it's good that i already did my exercises this morning, as coming home to do them when i get home won't give me enough time tonight. argh. just want to go home and be by myself for a bit. vaguely crabby. Kinda melancholy too. I think getting stuck inside a building all day does that to me...especially offices. Certainly not my natural environment.

Ick. Ick for this empty feeling I get. Stupid emptiness....go back under the couch where you belong.
On a gray day like this, you're really not motivated to get out of bed. (I had to get up however, because my back hurt) Having a pleasant dream the night before, even a tiny lingering slice of one can make at least part of the day least for me it does. Thusly, my mood is vaguely dreamy...even though I am still feeling quite antisocial.

I always pay close attention to my dreams, and over time I've come to learn a lot of my own symbolism. Reading dream symbol books is usually about as helpful as reading the general sun-sign horoscope to find out who you are. Which is not much at all. I know that some of my dreams are simply situations that incorporate snippets from real life and that is all they really are. Sometimes my dreams reinact situations that are causing me angst in the waking world, in an attempt to deal with them. Other times, I dream of things that I wish could happen, or I will get specific symbols/scenarios that have a tendency to repeat themselves.

My repeating themes are being at the house I grew up in, either living there or trying to run away from there. it doesn't matter where I live currently...I rarely ever dream of those places. I am trying to escape from people a lot, either running through suburban neighborhoods or flying into trees...flying usually works as no one else in my dreams seems able to fly. I am able to read in dreams, and have pulled several words from them which I later discovered were in other languages that I did not know, but had relevant meaning.

Dreams are an important source of inspiration and revelation for me. I don't believe that every dream is"just a dream". Much of the art that I do revolves around my nighttime adventures. And sometimes, dreams have been an escape from an otherwise stressful and sad waking existence.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It's only tuesday, and already this week has gone on for too long. Work has been slow, so today I made some nifty little mood status buttons for my blog in photoshop. I looked around to see if there were any cute graphics that might suit me, but as always, I'm too much of a DIY kinda girl. And my moods aren't exactly the standard voila. Cute little buttons. Today I'm antisocial. Isn't that nice.

One thing I've noticed about being antisocial, is when I do get lonely, I prefer to be around other people who are also antisocial. How 2 people can be antisocial together may seem puzzling, but it does happen. I've hardly been on IM at all...just feel like there's not much to talk about, and not really in the mood for talking. :P

Have more gothic survivor to put up...should get going with that. Need to start putting together the new radio show too for next time. Staying ahead in the game plan has been a big help. Not much else going on...just filling the time till school starts. Hope I meet some decent people this semester. I tend to be very quiet at school, and had started making friends very slowly. Didn't help that I dropped in in the middle of the year...everyone already knew everyone else. And, I tend to stand out in a crowd quite a bit, so...there's the element of freakishness to deal with.

Blah. It's like I'm assuming a holding pattern for the great unknown. Being in the midst of change is exciting, frustrating, and obnoxious.

Monday, September 16, 2002

Yesterday was an afternoon of video gaming and snacks. I don't really play video games, I watch because my hand eye coordination just isn't all that. I won't play games with Mike because I know I'll never win. So we invited a friend over and it was a day of pixels fighting each other. Oddly enough, the whole event got me in the mood enough to clean...that is sweeping, mopping, wiping...things I don't like to do so much these days. I also made two meals, as well as fresh salsa, jello, and peanut butter cookies. Mike said he's going to have to play video games more often. :P

This morning, however, I am tired and still achey. My back is getting better, but my calves are not ready for that new bellydancing tape just yet. And, it's off to my last week of work before school. Sigh.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

I had a vaguely sushi related adventure last night, as a friend was having a birthday at a cute little sushi place.I for one, am not up to eating raw fish wrapped in seaweed though, so I had some tasty curry instead. The evening was fun, met some new people. We decided to be getting on our way however, when the japanese businessmen decided to start doing barbara steisand songs.

My back still hurts, so it's been nothing but heating pads for me, and at present I smell wintergreen fresh thanks to my new pal, icy hot. My calves are killing me too, but that was due to excessive dancing both at the club and my new exercise tapes. I'm taking a nice little break today so I don't wind up in a body cast.

Looks like today will be a continued day of chores..and we rented the first half of THE STAND to watch...Mike hasn't seen it. Why i feel the need to creep myself out by watching a movie full of severely dead people, I don't know. In the process of uploading my latest radio show, the old school new school one, and also putting together the show to follow, which will be an all cover show.

In a much perkier mood since the week ended. It was not a pretty week by any stretch of the imagination. Next weekend should be fun with Bill's Island party coming up...I'll finally get those DJ lessons. :)

Seems that M!k3 from Slick Idiot is selling off the keyboard controller that they used on tour on Ebay. The entire Slick Idiot live crew signed it, and from his description the thing still works. $50 is a bad price for it, but no one had bid yet, and while part of me is tempted, I am a poor college student and I should know better. Sigh. I'm not sure what I'd do with the thing if I did get it. Ah well. :(

I'm hungry and I crave seafood now...I almost wish I would eat sushi...sushi is very cute food. And me, I'm attracted to cute things. But I am thawing some fake crab meat and I will throw together something tasty for later.