Friday, February 28, 2003

I'm so tired, and so tired of sewing that I want to stitch my eyes shut for a nice long nap. Granted, I'm done with sewing for other people - for the moment. And i only have the sleeves on my jacket to finish.

I'm covered with paint currently, having just gotten back from painting class and I just stuffed down my lunch. Having some semi frozen coke to get me through the rest of the day.

My radio show is ALMOST up. I recently found out that there's an entire section of my cemetery page that is missing. I thought I put up the pics from graceland, and apparently I never did. The pages were done. Well, the pages on the overgrown jewish cemetery weren't...and the pics I took during the summer of graceland when i was sick weren't put in the pages either. I sewar I had put the stuff up...but I'll bet that after I got sick I just forgot entirely.It was pretty damn miserable being ill for a month. I shouldn't be surprised I guess.

So I have some things to wrap up this weekend. I need to catch up on web crap in the worst way. Need photos for the DIY section. Gothic Survivor has been untouched for a while. (burp) Cola!

Oh god am I tired.

I just want to crawl under a nice fluffy afghan and snooooooze.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The answer is yes.

A season that gets in the way of all the more tolerable times of year and lasts twice as long. I love velvet, but wearing 5 layers of it to stay warm and lighting every candle in my apartment gets to be the tiniest bit vexing.

Note I used the word vexing. That was fun. I'll have to use that again.

Sewing. My favorite love-hate relationship. I love having cool clothes. And sometimes, I love sewing them, until the process pisses me off anf I get impatient and start spewing curse words. Other than that, it's ok. I'll be glad to finish sewing for my friend's show though. this french flag jacket has to be done by thursday. Coming along very well on my black velveteen jacket. By the end of the semester I will have a lovely 1884 style dress complete with corset and bustle for costume construction. And, it I can finish that skirt and start that top....

Measuring for my first show very soon, probably the start of next week. Trying to make a western musical less campy and more classy, yet still stylized. I'm not fond of westerns as a rule, but seeing as how they are usually set in victorian times, there is some redeeming fun to be had.

Production meeting for a very fun show today. I'll be up to my neck in god knows what after this week. I need to get my other stupid porjects out of the way so i can concentrate.

Getting very worn out. Went to bed at 11 and didn't even hear mike come in.

Have lots of energy though. I really need to get back on my exercise routine.

Getting very good at resale shopping, which will be an asset to my career. I will need those skills very soon.

I should be cutting out fabirc right now. See how I'm avoiding it?


Ok. Time to go cut things out.