Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm Drunk.

But I have an interesting reason for it.

I have to make a custom set of handmade checkers from bottlecaps with the theme of republican presidents vs democratic presidents - each side also getting a welsh corgi.

I took this order last week, feeling it was a bit close to the line - it has to be done by the 22nd. i knew i could get it done, but I emailed my client that i would need to order the bottlecaps from online because I had run out, and that if she indeed wanted the game in time i would have to order them right away. She agreed, we exchanged ideas, nailed down the details, and i started. I ordered the caps they very minute after she said go.

This was the 10th. They have not yet arrived. Today is the 18th, and it's waning. I have all the pictures printed out ready to go inside the caps, which will be sealed with resin. the resin takes a day to dry (overnight), basically, 24 hours at least.
If i don't get my order by the 20th, i'm screwed. I had hoped to get them today. I still have tomorrow to hope for.

in the mean time, I'm panicking, like any good artist would do. Sure - they are pseudo caps in this town - if you want sticky back caps with foofy disney shit on them.

I need 24. At current count after a beer and a mike's hard berry, I have 15 caps. 9 more to go. I'm planning on cooking with beer tomorrow to aid the cappage without overdoing the drunkeness. We also have a house guest - friend of a friend - who I will coerce into drinking our lovely alcohol instead of paying for room and board.

I regret that i only have one liver to give for my country.

I am painfully aware of the humorous nature of my folly that is this craft project. Despite the fact that i will likely be hungover tomorrow after only 2 drinks, i know full well that the future will cast this episode as a comedy. And, like all good comedies, irony will be involved. the caps will show up as soon as I've drunk enough to get 24 of them. This is a guarantee.

Somehow I see a strange parallel with how I feel about our government - the irony of this game involving presidents. It involves being thirsty, vaguely wobbly, and not in possession of my full faculties. Wow, is this how everyone feels when they vote?

Anyhow..I hiope i get some more caps soon. I made a desperate plea to a friend who was collecting some for me to give me whatever they have currently. After all, some of my brain cells deserve to live.

I've had it in my head to blog about deep things, but this ain't one of those times.

Timing is poor. I have just finished a successful craft fair, after weeks of vicious crafting and had barely a day to rest, when i have to deal not only with work, and drinking excessive amounts to finish a last minute craft project, but then a houseguest that I've never met, staying with us for 3 days.


Will a nap fit in my stocking? Can peace fit in a box? Cuz i sure as hell would love me some peace and goodwill right now.

Yeah, and I gotta do my sales tax tomorrow. Taxes and hangovers. let's have a party.

Anyhoo, I'm all boozy and i'm lucky I'm typing as well as i am.

I should pet cute things.