Saturday, September 13, 2003

Sound barricades itself into rolls of peautbutter when you speak.

I love your eyes, but only with ketchup.

This wisdom from the surrealist compliment generator:

other fun crap to waste hours of perfectly good life with:


Friday, September 12, 2003

Where is everyone? There's no one to play with. :( Mike is at work late, haven't gotten any phone calls, can't seem to get a hold of anyone and even the people who usually IM me when I'm not around (which are quite a few) aren't on. :(

Sigh. I already had a full day of putting back CDs, doing website things, cleaning, arranging, etc. I even COOKED for the first time in....
too fricking long.

Poo. Now I'm just getting melancholy and pining.
Send me back to New Orleans.

Arranging party for end of month. Need to find something that crushes a jackhammer. We are without a blender.

Pine pine pine.


how pathetic can I get? let's see.....
maybe I can find a good song to make me cry for no apparent reason. Or maybe I should just curl up with a friendly stuffed animal.

I'm sad enough that Horace, my balloon camel from new orleans is shrinking out of existence. :(

Yes, I'm attached to a balloon.



Thursday, September 11, 2003

I have returned. I have survived everything from matrimony, to large dresses, to inordinate amounts of good food. I am currently quite tired...having gotten back from the honeymoon on sunday night and then having to unpack and clean all week, whilst dealing with my stupid school financial aid has been taking a lot of energy.

But, overall, I am have a good block of weeks. Weddings are much better when looked back on and actually enjoyed on the day. The planning blows goats. I don't know how many times I've said to Mike "WE ARE NEVER GETTING MARRIED AGAIN." The day was fun, it was good to see old and new friends all in one place, fun to dress up and eat all kinds of things that are lightyears better than tuna helper.

All, the same though, planning an out of town wedding is utter insanity, and given the choice to do it over I'd choose to have a miniscule ceremony where I actually live...if it wasn't for one of our friends we'd have gotten nothing done. We were lucky and got a lot of help from a lot of supportive pals, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit at the party.

Granted, I was in danger of getting outdanced by my 3 year old niece.

Currently in the process of putting together the wedding website and assembling the mass of photos that keep coming at us...

Trying to get rid of some old junk to make room for the new toys and plan a party for those in town who couldn't make it out to see us.

Pining for new orleans. Pine pine pine. I am pine sol.
I don't want to eat normal food just pales in comparison with seared quail and pecan encrusted fish and sample bowls of pralines which could easily drown an infant.


I know that everyday life happens. But I don't like everyday life to seem....everyday. Sure, you need some downtime after the intense partying that happens around a wedding....but that doesn't mean that life has to go back to being stagnant afterwards.

thusly the cleaning frenzy, the party planning, the looking ahead to other fun-ness such as talk like a pirate day and the impending Razed In Black tour this fall...

Nonetheless, I am tired and am rather aware of it. It's been a long hard summer and I'm trying to make the most of my few days off before school starts again. That said...I should probably get back to my cleaning and reorganizing.