Tuesday, August 26, 2003

ok. there's a news article on spongebob squarepants being gay.

that's the truckload of shit that broke the camels back on my day.

first of all.....HE'S A FRICKIN SPONGE!!!!!!!

second of all, he's a sweet, geeky, silly, and very innocent if not naive character, and one of the messages that comes across in the show is to be tolerant and kind to other people, regardless of who they are.

WHY when things get slow does some right wing corporate geezer F*CKhead decide that a CARTOON CHARACTER might be gay?

Makes you wonder kind of closeted fantasies they might be having if they are putting that much energy into such tripe.

Just because there are characters in existence that are actually different from the average stale stereo types that tell us boys play with trucks and girls like dolls...characters that have PERSONALITY, and originality and oh no...HUMOR, doesn't mean they are deviant!

But maybe deviant is a good thing when idiots like the above mentioned LOSER still think that perpetuating this kind of limited thinking is protecting us.

Well FUCK YOU mister!!!!

I've so had it with this kind of bullshit.

Whoever wrote that most likely has sexual issues of his own. I'll bet he's one of those MANLY men who never cried, even when the doctor smacked him in the ass when he was born.

So, a male character who holds hands with his best friend and is not a hardened gun toting anime cyborg MUST be porking the purple teletubby on weekends huh?

Why don't we just lock Mr. Manly Man in a room full of drunken, scruffy, pissed off, longhaired scotsmen in kilts, and see if he tells them to their faces that only women wear skirts.

And if the perpe-traitor is someone like Little Miss Girly Woman, then she needs to be smacked across the ass 50 times with a naked barbie after someone has laced her into a corset 2 sizes too small and bound her feet with duct tape.

This is NOT a good time to piss me off, in case you couldn't tell.
I'm previewing the wedding music now. I've been doing everything but beating my computer with a stick to get 6 cds burt for the wedding music. I can only hope that the 5 disc changer at the reception will play them. My dress still needs a waistband, but I'll be taking care of that later today.

Thank god this is almost done. Still have to redye my hair and get some other odds and ends.

Our honeymoon flight and hotel are booked, although not at the same hotel as last time. :( A little sad about that. But it still has a rooftop pool, and we'll be in the french quarter this time so we can roll out of bed and go drink and eat. We're on royal street though, so hopefully we won't catch the smells from bourbon street.

I told Mike last night in the heat of my frustration "We're never getting married again." he gave me a look.
I'm telling you all this stuff is ridiculous! I think even Mike could agree on an elopement at this point...(which is what I originally wanted)

I will say we are likely to have the most styling bunch of guests ever. I'm vaguely worried my friend wayne will outdress me and I'll have to ask him to join the single ladies for the bouquet toss.

The bachelor party is looking to be way bigger than our bachelorette party. But then again, that happens when some of them don't have significant others. I'm fine with it. Mike's not all that roudy, plus there can't be that many attractive hookers in cleveland. I think they all have peg legs and 3 teeth or something like that. (just kidding)

basically our party will consist of me looking at a pint of cider and getting loopy. Actually, I think all of us are a big bunch of lightweights. I expressly told Kelly that I DO NOT go for greasy naked men. or women for that matter. scruffy long haired germans or scots in kilts with bagpipes, maybe...but the likelihood of finding that is nil....

anyhow, drinking and getting stupid is plenty for me. Some of us have already started the drinking. heh.

Damn..I just realized there's 2 peter murphy songs in a row on this CD. I just can't get this shit right. oh well. i'm redoing one of them because an entire song skips. that should take ...all day I surmise.


there will be no garter dances either. if mike tries to retrieve anything from under my skirt, I'm very certain he won't be able to come out from under it. the gravitational pull all could suck small children underneath it, and I really think it should make a beeping noise when I walk backwards. I imagine someone will be making chalk marks throughout the night to check off how much furniture I've knocked over.

The good side is, my bustle is a built in air bag and parachute.

here's to being a neurotic bride.

I'm not yer average neurotic bride though. I'm not concerned with the color of the flowers or the runner of if the stupid ring bearer pillow has tassels on it.

I wonder how many people are going to bring fuzzy skulls to the reception, and I wonder if anyone is going to catch the tool song I threw into the dinner music, and if I should wear my combat boots to the reception when I change my dress later on in the night.

I have a number of people I'd like to throw the bouquet at, also. They're asking for it.

I hope people tie spooky crap to the back of the car. No poofy pink shit. unless it's black light sensitive.

Maybe i should teach mike how to slow dance.....hmmmmm.

Anyhow, the dance cd is almost over so I should get my butt in gear.

yeehah folks. chances are the next time I write I'll be hitched.

Isn't love grand? :)