Friday, October 25, 2002

Friday has been uneventful, work wise, and that is to be expected. I've been listening to music, sketching...daydreaming and the like. Been in a fairly perky mood for a day so devoid of activity and grayed by the weather. Have lots of artistic endeavors to get on with/finish/start. Kinda wearing me out some...but I am getting stuff acccomplished. It's been really hard waking up the past few mornings.

I need to tackle the pile of clothing that needs fixing/creative altering. It's only getting bigger. I'm also trying to turn one of my black bodysuits into a shirt...the thing likes to slip off my shoulders so I'm futzing with the design...and I think I'm going to turn it into a Slick Idiot shirt from a sketch I did. Gotta make a skirt for my halloween costume still...shouldn't be hard but I need to sit down and just do it! Want to make another skirt for dancing as well....

Speaking of which...I need to get my sorry ass to Exit tonight so I can dance. VEE WANT YOO TOO DANZ WEETH UUS NOW, JA. Sorry. Channeling Das Ich again. Anyway...yeah. I need to dance.

currently feeling like a human cracker while listening to:
Wumpscut- Soylent Green (german lyrics)

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Well, yeehah. It's Thursday. My back hurts. The weather is shitty. I've had a cup of coffee, which is not really a good idea for me as caffeine responds to my system in much the same way as a rabid poodle to an unwary bare ankle. I'm ready to run around screaming at inanimate objects. In fact...I've already done a bit of that today.

Ow. pain. Oh look, I'm vibrating. Isn't that special. No one tells you that the cure for dealing with the effects of coffee is more coffee. It's like a vicious cycle. Yarrrr. Help. I really don't want to go to acting class. Even on caffeine I'm antisocial. I definitely will be by then, as I'll have crashed. Noisy freshmen. Argh. I guess i am getting old. No, no, I'm not getting old I'm just not outgoing the way the younger students are. Or the way most humans are. Blah. thoughts garbled. Feeling the inexplicable need to mosh.

Thank god this week is almost over. Ow. ow ow ow. :(
At least I slept last night. After a 13 hour day at school, who wouldn't. What sucks is I basically was wiped out and went to bed after I got home...then i have to wake up and come here again. It's like I haven't left. Ow. dammit. So uncomfortable.

The read through for the play I'm doing costumes for went well. It was fun and everyone seemed to like my sketches. Now, I need to start picking stuff out of the costume room, and other places if need be. It's nice to be working with a small cast of actors who are older and not all OHHHHH I LOOOVE ACTING. I am SOOOO PASSIONATE about ACTING. LALALALA I must be acting and singing constantly because I am an ACTOR.
They are an entirely different breed...the younger ones anyway. Hopefully they'll become somewhat embittered so they will quiet down some. :P

Too much coffee...I will be paying for my sins later...I can tell already.

Now convulsing to: Ministry - Burning Inside

Monday, October 21, 2002

I look like a victorian fop today. On purpose, of course, because I wanted to wear my tail coat. Mike pointed out that my outfit didn't look especially good with fuzzy grinch slippers however. So astute.
I survived theatre history...which is interesting but not the best class to have first thing when consciousness is an issue. My afternoon class is making a trip to the art institute...a nice change of pace.

I just had a coniption involving my time sheet. Such as...I hadn't filled them out for the past couple weeks and they were due today before noon. Whew. Next on my agenda, getting my stupid loan stuff so I can get a deferment before the end of the month. Stupid loan company. And this one I never actually get a person. I have to leave a frickin message and have them send me a form, and then I have to send it back...blah blah bureacracy and inconvience blah.

I want to be asleep. My body is awake. My mind has not caught up, and likely won't until today is nearly over. Hopefully I can get my radio show up this evening....and get some sketches done as well as exercise. I had a spontaneous pissy mood last night...probably the main reason I don't have it now is I'm too tired to realize how annoyed I am with everything.

I did however, order that Tanzwut CD I wanted, so they is joyous bagpipage awaiting me in the next week or so.

As long as my sanity holds out through today....arghh.