Friday, November 01, 2002

I've decided on making a mashed potato mummy instead of meatloaf man. less gruesome. plus, i can use squeez cheez. yay.

now keeping myself awake with: Rammstein - Sonne/Mutter
Someone put me to sleep. pleez. Oh god it was cold this morning...and I was not happy when the alarm went off. It took a good five to eight minutes of whining and rolling around in the covers before clocks were made to cease their obnoxious song. My brain feels like it's been stuffed with that fuzzy pink insulation...stuff. I have next to nothing to eat for lunch today - and all I can think about is a nice warm bowl of soup. How about a vat of soup...that way I can stick my toes in it.

My face was numb by the time the train came. I am not ready for winter yet. It's still fall for god's sake. I'm burnt out. Our apartment is trashed...there's an explosion of material, art supplies, clothing and dirty dishes sprawling in every room. I still have to make part of mike's costume, and finish mine. I finished icing the marzipan eyeballs, decorating the skeleton cake and painting the paper mache skulls last night. So, for the party on saturday my costume still remains, as well as a batch of salsa to be made and perhaps a corpse made out of meat loaf. I will be so happy when the week is over. I'm exhausted.

Have to pick out costumes for the show today...hopefully I'll be able to find everything I need. sigh.

Too damn tired to be spooky.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

arghg. halloween itself is not going to be all that eventful of a day...being on a thursday in the middle of my school week. I'm sitting here at work, in costume, and here I'll be all day and I only have one class. :P I wanted to wear my actual costume, but as there are still some sewing issues to be taken care of, i wasn't able to. It will be ready for the party on saturday though.

This week has been ridiculous with preparations for the party and costume crap, and homework, production meetings for the play, trying to eat and sleep and keep my place clean. i'm ready to pass out. I wish I wasn't crabby today...maybe as the day moves along it will get better. But I see boredom on the horizon...blah. No plans for tonight outside of finishing up party deco after work. I may be too tired to do anything anyhow.

and...another thing. I'm kinda getting depressed about halloween more and more as years go by because less people bother to dress up every year. I mean. COME have 364 other days out of the year to be normal and comformist. Loosen the fuck up and wear something scary or stupid or silly. Don't stand there and look at me like I'M a freak because I'm dressed up on a HOLIDAY when that kind of thing is encouraged. Bad enough I dress strange the rest of the year - what excuse do I have besides...well, that's just me? (aside from me being a costume designer) People are so afraid to stand out or look different in the slightest way. It, frustrates someone like me who, while having little courage in general, has the guts to dress the way I want to.
I get sick of having abercrombie and gap patrons stare at me when I wear something out of the ordinary - people who for the most part wouldn't have the balls to drop the trendy shit and wear what they choose despite what others think.

ok...I must be pissy as I've just realized my ranting. blargh. ok. looks like I'm in for a cranky morning. Must be the getting up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am to get dressed n stuff. maybe a healthy dose of sugar or coffee will fix it. or maybe just some angry music.

now blaring: Skinny Puppy - The Process