Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's been twice in a couple weeks that I've glanced over some article or mention of female circumcision.

If you don't already know what it is, it's a disgusting practice that has been going on for centuries, mostly in Africa, that basically involves genital mutilation.

I'm saying my peace and saying it now as I recently spewed my peace about the female and male energy/stereotypes, problems.

If anyone wonders why there are feminists at all, let this be one if the reasons. I, who already have hangups about my own anatomy, feel my stomach do distinct flops at the descriptions of the practice. If you want details as to how bad it can get - look online. There are three different kinds. I won't even deign to mention them here.

So, what drives people to desecrate the bodies of young girls in such a foul manner? Cultural notions like - it keeps the girls pure. They will not have premarital sex and thusly dishonor their families before marriage. It's supposedly a rite of passage that makes a girl a woman, and cuts away the impure parts.

Certainly, violating uneducated young girls who know little about the implications of such a procedure let alone the complications on their anatomy and psyche will SURELY keep them from having sex, especially when they suffer afterward or die from it.

Last I heard, a girl physically becomes a woman when her cycle starts. What then is the reason to hack away what is naturally supposed to be there?

Ah yes, to keep those women from having sex with men. Does anyone see a problem with this statement? Hello, when a man and a woman have sex, they BOTH make the choice to do so.(unless it's rape, and that's another can of worms i'm too furious to open at the moment. One kind of live bait at a time please)

What I see in this kind of thinking, as well as in other cultures who view women as the instigators of lust and control them in various ways through clothing, torture, whathaveyou, is the reflection of the men who devised these practices. This treatment of women as impure seductresses that must be punished unless they are having male children to continue their precious degenerate patriarchal bloodline says more about the men's lack of responsibility on THEIR part, and lack of respect for HUMANITY.

The male view that thinks that women, left on their own are going to have sex with any man who walks by, is deflecting his own issues with his own lust and lack of control/desires onto the women. Therefore, the man has no personal responsibility over his own dysfunction, it's a woman's problem because SHE's the one whose unclean.

Do I need to bring up other ugly images and examples of this blatant disregared for HUMAN rights by siting practices like foot binding? Or the infanticide of female children in some cultures? or human traficking?

Is it any wonder why some women are so attached to a victim mentality when women are made to think they are worthless, dirty sluts whose only purpose is to squirt out a male child to carry on an irrelevant and tainted "honor"?

What I wish, is that some of the raging feminists in our country would stop giving men dirty look and wailing about not getting to walk around topless because it's hot outside (boofuckinghoo) and take that activist energy to a more noble level and work to correct the violation of human rights that continues to occur.

I am appalled that in this day and age, that people still so adamantly refuse to learn respect for one another.

Any kind of torture, any kind of oppression be it physical or more intangible like a lack of education is a form of control. I am sickened by the means some portions of humanity use to control one another, the blatantly lame excuses like honor, culture and religion that are used to harm or maim others who are of a different creed, gender, stature, belief system.

I know that there are a lot of good people are there. I'm just fucking had it with hearing about so many who are such assholes to others.