Monday, June 23, 2003

Groggy. urgghh. So, summer decided to hit when I wasn't looking. We leave town and all of the sudden I need to turn the AC on. Got a lot of wedding stuff done, but now we're in the thick of it and I feel like a drooling zombie...but then again I just woke up. And eating someone else's brain really isn't going to help right now.

I started on invites, I'm accumulating addresses, etc etc. No...I' not ready to think about it again just yet, although I may do a test print of the invites.

We went to a baptism at a church that was almost the one we were going to get married at, but after having an experience there I'm glad they weren't going to take us. We couldn't have bagpipers, and that was the main reason. The place looked pretty, but the congregation was so old...and the priest and the lady minister were preaching in a way that I didn't agree with, probably in order to accomodate them. The priest sounded like he was asleep, and the lady went off on a rant about the ten commandments and not stealing in a way that was so negative. it was like she was saying STEALING IS BAD! BAD BAD BAD STEALING BAD!!!! and focusing on nothing but the negative for much too long and then rambling on....instead of focusing on a positive messagelike,

Argh. then she got into the whole FEAR OF GOD thing, which I don't agree with. Being someone who is working on confronting my fears and improving myself, fear of God is the last thing I or anyone else needs to hear about. Honestly. the church loves to preach fear. it's ridiculous for an instituition that is supposed to uplift and educate its congregation to have them trapped with lectures about negativity and fear. Fear feeds itself after all. So, I'm glad that we aren't getting married there.

I was butt tired yesterday as it was, as I got so little sleep. The bed I was sleeping on where we were at just doesn't agree with me. Neither does getting up early after dealing with an hour time change. I was cheerful for the most part though until it was time to go back and I passed out in the car for about 45 minutes.

I got my order from Slick Idiot, the remix disc and Leiahdorus before we left...and the label for Leiahdorus through in a comp disc as a bonus! So cool! for only $16 and that includes shipping! So I did a review for the SI disc today and put it up...need to make good on some of those other music reviews I had promised to write.

Something I'd been thinking about recently...people have this fascination with machines, and there are all these scary movies about machines developing sentience, taking over, killing us off and trying to rule the world. Matrix, Terminator, etc. And i have to laugh inside a bit because, while todays machines are no where near the stage of developing their own intelligence, we have already let them take over our world.

People spend hours in front of tv sets and worship their cars. In many industries, machines have already replaced humans. We have become slaves to technology in so many ways already..."I have to check my email", "I have to tape this show", "I have to wax the car"....stuff everyone does. But stepping back, you see how dependent we are on machines. Take away some guy's video games, entertainment system, cell phone and TV, and a lot of them wouldn't quite know what to do with themselves.

I just think it's funny that man has nightmares about machines ruling the world when it's already happened and continues to happen every day. They aren't "killing" us, not in a physical, purposeful way, but relying on them too much can sap you of your soul. Anyone who's sat in front of the tv for too long or surfed the internet for too long knows that.

And this from me who has 8 websites. Sometimes you just need a daily dose of irony.

So anyway, I'm feeling unmotivated at present. I have a new job starting next week but I'm just not ready to deal with it yet. I've barely been out of school long enough. I was just getting good at relaxing and attempting to do nothing. Hopefully I can get back into the routine by the time I get there and I won't spontaneously combust.

currently listening to: the air conditioner...which which soon develop sentience and decide to rob some ice cream from the fridge, at which point I will have to tell it that stealing is BAD and instill the fear of God in it.