Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I figured out the dream symbolism of the Damsel in Distress.

It's my self esteem for one, and it's connected to my desires/wants for the future.
She is always pining, hopelessly, singing this sad song and hoping somehow the Unrequited love will notice unworthy little her. The Unrequited Love is that which she wants most, but cannot bring herself to express herself to, and also feels the need to hide her feelings about. The Unrequited Love is something that she perceives is forever above her. She sees only limitations, and therefore cannot stretch her powers beyond them. Who is she to have it?

She is often so despondent that she talks herself out of even wanting to pursue the Unrequited. She wants it to find her, but even though it may be within sight, it never seems to notice her, and won't interact unless she can get its attention.

The worst part is, the Unrequited keeps showing up, and is in fact haunting her. So even if she wants to just say fuck it and go on to something or somewhere else, the Unrequited is still lurking purposefully. As soon as she tries to avoid it, it pops up. If she tries to pursue it, she feels threatened by the competition. (limitations)

So, she's forever stuck in this stupid pining phase, unless she can get up off her ass, go up to the Unrequited and say her peace.
The big fear is, that she will finally get the courage to do so once and for all, and that she will be ridiculed/rejected and have nothing left.