Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Well, the birthday weeks are officially over. I'm now 27. Not that different from 26, or for that matter, 20. I say birthday weeks because Mike's and my birthday are 8 days apart. So, we just smear it all together into a big holiday. Ther was fun and frolic to be had by all; copious amounts of CDs were bought. Much chocolate was consumed at a chocolate festival. We ate out a lot - Mongolian barbecue, a german brauhaus, tapas, california pizza kitchen, etc.

I saw Harry Potter 2 for the second time....shut up, all of you. And we got together a group to see two towers, for the second time. For valentines day, it was an evening of fudge, strawberries, and Amelie - which is another very good movie, although twisted in a french kind of way.

I've beens ewing like mad - lots of it my own stuff. Working on another version of the snape coat, honing my skills. This time, its black velveteen. :) Trying to finish the two other projects i had for myself, the skirt which only needs the zipper finished, and i still need to draft the pattern for the velvet mesh top.

Along with that, doing some sewing for a friend's show - haitian voodoo kinda stuff. Starting on drawings for a western musical comedy i'm doing for class credit today. Trying to make it more historical if I can help it, instead of cheesy westerny. Just signed on to help with another small show, a one act with five characters, should be easy. There's a possiblity I may be doing another show later this semester, we'll see.

BUSY!!!!! AGH!!!!

Need to update the radio show, got so many new CDs
New Snog, new Hocico, In Strict Confidence, very old Evil Mothers, Schnitt Acht, Silke Bischoff, Mike picked up the new Ministry last night. Also have some very exclusive Razed In Black in my hands. Romell sent me some unreleased material from off the new upcoming CD, and wow it is good. Very melodic, with great vocals and harmonies, dancey, but still with some great guitar hooks. Now I have to find time to review all this shit.

Ghirardelli makes brownie mix. I want to elope with this brownie mix. Makes me feel good after being tortured by dementors.

And as if I wasn't doing enough sewing, I am going to make an 1884 victorian dress complete with bustle and corset for costume construction class. I plan to wear it around to.... to school and most definitely on my honeymoon. which reminds me, i really need to draft the pattern for my wedding dress.

Help. I explode.