Thursday, February 06, 2003

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Mike: You know, you are really are ruled by your emotions.
Me: yeah, I know. it pisses me off.

Here that? no...that. That's the sound of my geek-o-meter rising. the fact that you can heear it is not a good sign. I'm not a star trek geek like I used to be....although there will always me a soft spot in my heart for doctor who...ahem...anyhow...NO. Now I've graduated to the level of Harry Potter and Buffy Lord of the Rings geekdom. I use dementors as an excuse to eat more chocolate. how sad am I? I am also stepping my toe into the scalding waters of anime as well...but not of my own volition. I witnessed the brain numbing chaos that was DragonHalf this past weekend.

I still have scars. no the tomato is mine.

and, well yes, I do have anime hair...but really.

oh...and did I mention that I am a costume geek? Like I have to be careful not to be a history nazi when it comes to period clothing? Yeah...and then there's my egypt geekness...that's been with me for quite a while.

But this recent fantasy stint is making my panties itch. What have I become. I guess I can take comfort in that I am not a pervy hobbit fancier or a Legolas/Aragorn groupie...although I have already confessed to my Ent lust. God help me.

I guess collecting fuzzy skulls just wasn't bad enough.