Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've decided to violate the blissful silence of my blog by addressing several questions that have been slowly gnawing away at me:

Are people getting more stupid?
Why are all the people who are stupid placed in corporate jobs where they make more money then they deserve even though they obviously don't know how to program a computer or speak proper english?

And finally, at least for now, Why are people so damn rude?

So, yeah, i've only be around for three decades, but in that time I've seen things that should only be the stuff of fiction - like a guy riding a bike on a crowded city street while smoking and talking on a cell phone. Sure, it's great to multi task and all, but all that action leaves no room for thinking. If you fart sneeze and belch at the same time, you head head explodes. What do you think will happen to that guy?

Apparently it's not just me who has noticed that people have discarded common sense and courtesy in order to protect their personal freedoms such as riding a motorcycle like a maniac down the highway and weaving in between cars without ANY protection whatsoever. Or crossing against the light while on their cell phone and looking at you, a person steering a large metal beast, as being the ass.
Or, being a self important prick who comes into a retail establishment wanting a discount on something that is not on sale for any discernable reason besides being a cheap ass bastard. That Lincoln Park lifestyle at martini bars and driving an SUV must really be straining your wallet. And I certainly hope you're using that double wide hummer of yours to actually tow around something large...like your fucking ego.

It's as if people have forgotten that their heads are containers for their brains and not holders for their IPod ear plugs. Brains? Don't we eat those on crackers?
Am I giving people too much credit by thinking that at one point they were able to think for themselves in a far more efficient way?

Whosoever thinks that we are an advanced culture because of our technology, politics and behavior as it relates to people of the past or less advanced species had best shake hands with the protists and acknowledge them as their new best friends. Our culture dumbs us down. Sure, we can build wonderful little portable gadgets that we become dependent on to arrange fake plans into our meaningless lives. And everyone can now parade around on TV and finally get that attention they craved from their parents by throwing childish tantrums in front of millions, and we can prescribe drugs that cause so many side effects that need to get treated by MORE drugs so that we're so hopped up on drugs and TV and distracted by the videos playing on our cell phones that we have no idea what reality really is anymore because NO ONE is actually THINKING about anything worthwhile.

The ancient cultures would have laughed at us. They wouldn't have touched our prepackaged overpreserved food, and they wouldn't have wanted our stress ridden life styles. we don't build anything to last anymore. Nothing lasts, mind you, but do you really think that stupid scrapbook with the acid free pages with 5 million posed pictures of your whiny kid is going to outlive the pyramids (which even in their decay are STILL STANDING?!!)

I'm amazed at what our society comsiders important and how it loves to treat symptoms and never the problems. We have the abortion issue because we are dysfunctional in the realm of sex. We have diseases and mental disorders and obesity because everyone eats bad food, doesn't exercise,doesn't sleep, and is overworked (thusly stress).
We have criminals and crazy wackos because of the way people grow up in dysfunctional environments and the way people generally treat each other.

We are not the civilized culture that we think we are. Race and gender and STILL issues and in both cases, neither side is actually doing much to improve things. You don't demand equality by acting negatively toward your oppressor and being belligerent. It doesn't get you respect. You treat them as you want to be treated and if you must have revenge, then outsmart them, out talent them. Run circles around them and smile the whole time.

People are stupid. They are so in need of believing something that sometimes they'll believe just about anything - which leads to things like scientology and atkins diets.

It is clincally proven that 199.9% of all people who work in corporate management are stupid. That's a fact.

How do I know? because they can't speak english. They can't just say, "You're fired." They have a special form of oral diarhea that causes them to spew convoluted phrases that continue on for such an extended length of time, that by the time they've finished you've forgotten what they were trying to say to begin with.

They aren't great with computers either, although they'd like to make you THINK they are. Just because you've mastered the skill of rich text email doesn't mean you deserve that salary, you stuffy corporate lout. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on them, though. They really have very empty lives that they have to fill with cars, cell phones and other gadgets so they can feel important. They really have no self esteem, the ego is actually a smokescreen so that you don't realize just how unqualified they are at doing anything of value. They are great at looking and sounding busy, but so are Mc Donalds cashiers.
We should be more sym - pathetic toward them, after all, they've been put in a horrible line of work that often involves playing golf. God knows that isn't exciting.

If they were to ever take jobs that involved thought processes, creativity, talent or personality, our country really would go to hell because corporate people have nothing to offer this world. So let them make their pie charts and schedule pretend meetings about concepts that have no basis in reality. They just need a little love and the occasional hug. maybe a cookie.

Now, onto rude people. I think this hooks into the stupid people concept, don't you? People are rude because they don't relaize that's it's stupid to not be courteous to others. They have no clue that demanding something in a loud voice makes people wnat to bash them in the head with heavy luggage when they should be saying lease and thank you.

Entitlement is a disease. Don't we have a drug for that? It should be called Narcissoline. You may have trouble waiting in line because you're a very important man. You may belittle everyone around you in a condscending tone because you are wearing gucci. You may have five cars and a nasal sounding wife who gets plastic surgery every friday. You may also still get checks from daddy. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then we are most certainly suffering and would like you to talk to your doctor about becoming less of an asshole.
Galileo did prove that the sun does not revolve around the earth, and it certainly doesn't around you either. It's no wonder you're so very fake, half you face seems to be made of plastic. If i popped your head of your neck like you can with barbie, I'm sure I'd find a hollow void in there.

Rude people aren't just entitled, they've got a big chip on their shoulder and are looking for some dip. (look in a mirror, plenty of dip available)
Some people are just clueless that other humans exist in this world. I guess they figure the rest of us are made out of pixels or are pleasant entertaining monkeys.
I liken both rude and stupid people to monkeys who throw poo, then stop to sniff their finger afterward and fall out of the tree.

If only more people would fall out of the tree.

perhaps it's pointless to complain about all this, but I wouldn't feel the need to if people just fucking acted the way they should. Modern society my ass. We don't know how to treat each other any better then they did in ANY portion of history.
Or rather, we keep ignoring what we're supposed to be doing in favor of pushing little buttons to rearrange our sad sad lives.

Oh well. Time for snacks. YAY!