Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Preparing to move...ah the drama and pageantry of packing ones entire life into assorted square containers. ONLY when moving can one ask questions such as "Do we really need this hamster powered pickle sorter?" and actually expect a semi intelligent answer. I'm finding all kinds of interesting and useful things I didn't know we had, as well as a lot of random crap that even weasels wouldn't line their nests with.

There's this great pen that lights up when you press down, and it holds bubble solution for random bubbles. If only it actually wrote.

Ah..chinese food.

now that I've eaten i should be hungry again in, hour.

anyhow....moving. As if I didn't have enough things to do, moving does take a lot of time and effort, even if you're getting a whole month to do so. Lucky for me I like to organize and clean.

My dreams have been strange lately...hell, when aren't they. A bit more nightmarish with the invisible things trying to pin my arms down and grab my hands to keep me from moving. Other dreams have involved large quantities of cookies, and random visits from Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun and my friend Romell from Razed In Black. Never mind all the flying that happens.

Apparently I must be the official photographer for SMG, as I took some promo shots last month, and was asked to do Bizarbies photos later this spring. It'll give me a break from all those cemeteries I take pics of.

Gad but my website needs work. I hope to add some gothic motivational posters when I do the updating.

Thinking much about Othello and the consequent costume search of decent costume books and such. Should hit the library without hurting myself, and look on amazon for any good used stuff.

I've lit every candle in the house to keep's been colder than an ice gnome's butt for 2 days now. I'm lucky my whole face isn't chapped like a rhinoceros. I wore a pair of tights, a pair of shorts, 3 skirts, 2 shirts, a hoody, a shawl, 2 scarves, knee high boots, a knit hat and gloves just to survive the vast chicago tundra. yee-fucking-hah. bite me jack frost.

I've learned how to cartridge pleat, just like a good elizabethan housewife. I hope to make a couple corsets and some other costumey stuff for my wearing pleasures after i move and get my sewing room. I plan on cooking more too, as tuna helper, while helpful, is not so appealing. Encore has become the devil's work.

I bought Mike a Ps2. Mistake number one. I also bought Mike GTa Vice City and GTA 3. Cue sound of doom. See Mike. See Mike make butt groove in couch. See blistery stumps where fingers should be. hear Mike bleep and bloop and beat pixels over th head with a golf club. When I'm going to see him surgically removed from the machine, I know not. I have to whine at him at 1am to stop playing games and go to bed. Help. help help help. save me. forgive me lord, i know not what I've done.
to quote Chris Randall, "Now you have to BREED the fucking chocobos."

Why IS it called final fantasy when they keep coming out with new versions???? Somebody answer me that. I've had it up to HERE with materia, and Ore. Stop it Kupo.

I must admit he looks cute there on the couch, demonstrating his skilled used of opposable thumbs. I should gnaw on him just to screw up his game.

But, I need a bath. The smell is almost breaking the sight barrier. Yes, a nice hot bath. Nothing like a good long soak in a hot tub on a cold day. Perhaps I'll throw some vegetables in there and become a tasty stew.

This is me avoiding my stupid homework for a stupid class. It's becoming a moment of personal grooming instead of spontaneous cookie baking like the last time i avoided homework. The only way I got my homework done last time was after a nice glass of bailey's. In fact, I was the only one who DID my homework and the teacher seemed to like it quite a bit.

Bailey's = A

Celery. yes. celery.