Monday, February 02, 2009

Expert Integration Architect seeking employment

I have been a dominant force in the field, having 5+ years of experience in solutioning the various
challenges that I have encountered during my career. My planful tactics and strategies have been underscored by my efforts
at managing a "green" cultural environment- which in my opinion enhances the manufacturing of the end product. My role
has been to integrate the raw data into the prexisting system, so that the data is more easily digested and actualized into
a solidified result. My forceful ability to initiate productization has earned me a reputation as a giant in back-sourcing, and
my track record shows that my efforts have exponentially increased the total quality of my yield. I am very familiar with the
workings of a back-end database, and due to my flexible approach, I go the extra mile to re-integrate unrealized end products back into
the system to retool the fruit of my labors, as it were. As you can see, my portfolio is robust and I have also been quite generous
with my liquid assets as well.
I assure you that were you to utilize my skill set for your company's benefit, that you would find me a very customer-focused envisioneer,
ready to architecturize cohesive commodities for general consumption.

I look forward to hearing from you.