Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So you can see an example of my current day job, here's an amalgation of what I read on a day to day basis.

Dearest Aunt Lurline,

I shoulda something was wrong when I didnt see u in your line at Walmart. I'm so sorrow to hear about Festus Jr. There nothing worse than the pain of losting a child. But remember that he in heaven now squaredancing around the throne of God and looking at Jesus's face I'll bet he gets to go fishing with Uncle Saquatch, Paw-Paw and Poo-Poo-Bear. But I'll always remember him with that smile that could light up a room, even with the missing teeth I'll miss his sweet hugs and kisses, and the way he would say I wuv u Cousin Elvis But He's a little baby angle now, looking down on u from a cloud in heaevn, sending u love and angle kisses and saying to us all I'm ok I now he will miss his blanky-boo-boo-stinky an his favorte toys.He will always be in my heart i love him and i love you Lurline.

Lurline, u now i love you like my brother's goat, but I just want u to now that i am prying for you to get thru this look to the hills cuz yer help comes from there there is no sorry that god can't heal and he dont make no mistakes well see Festus again when jesus comes back he will live in my heart forever and I will love him forever sleep with the angle little foo-bear Festypoopoosnookums. I can't wait to see ur pritty face smiling at me when I get to heavens gate. y n ur family is in my prays and my heart I love u an I love all the family in the trailer park - Abigall, Surly, Poopah, Wee-Wee, Tard, NuNu, Laquanda Charisha Teniqua, and Vern, and i love those who have gone before us Pappy Skunkbutt, the Dakota twins north and south, Maw Maw Bubba, Gimpy, Gassy, and Bappy. i sure do miss Gassy's special pie no one could make an evening memroable like she could.

we are all a big lovin family and we need to stick together like dentures to the coffetable ifn we gonna get thru dis.I would like to close with a poem that i found on the inside of a twinkie wrapper:

Our Angle Babee

You are gone from us
We miss you now
Who else will ever
Pull the plow
Jesus has you
in his arms
no more can
this stinky eearth
cause you harmn
i caint live witout you
i am so sad
everything suks here
just like my dad
I weep and weep
amd weep
i'll see u
when i go to sleep
rest my angle
i love u so
i'm codependent
and can't let you go

gob blees u all