Saturday, January 11, 2003

I'm a slacker. I'll admit it. I had all these web updates...didn't get to them. Put up my radio show without vocals...too lazy to finish it. Sewing momentum has slowed even though I'm almost done with my skirt. Apartment is clean though. Trying desperately to keep it that way. another week of school and first semester ends...then a few weeks of work. :P Need the money though. Blah..tired. has taken a full week to even get back on some semblance of a normal sleep schedule.

Kinda in my own little world. How atypical of me. Sometimes having too many things on your mind that need to be done makes you effectively avoid all of them. That's how the dishes get all piled up in the kitchen. after a while, they develop sensient thought and things get ugly. Same for other aspects of my life sometimes, projects, bills, little tasks...just piling up and i sit by and go - i am too damn tired to take care of this right now.

Eventually everything gets done...I just need to learn how to pick up the pieces as I go instead of walking over them, as they only get stuck to my shoe later.