Sunday, June 25, 2006

When is a car more than just a car? When does it become a member of your family? A personal saviour? The major portion of your shallow personality? A dependent on your taxes? Your mistress?

God bless car commercials.

A friend and I were having a discussion not long ago involving america, the problems with the way the employment ethic functions, other countries, immigration, and lazy people.

I normally do not get involved in discussions that involve politics because it makes me want to run screaming down the street with a flamethrower, but I did for a short while then. (get into a discussion I mean)

So my parents moved to mexico to retire. Why? some people ask. Because, in this land of opportunity, one of the many opportunities you may encounter is not having enough money to actually retire and live in this country. Sure, in America anyone can have their own business ( for a few days at least), but not everyone can get by. I don't fault my parents for leaving. in fact I'm jealous. I've wanted to retire since the day i started working my frist crap job as a McDonalds cashier.

So, it confuses me when I hear about the whole mess with illegal immigrants wanting to come to this country to work, and why there are people who are worried they are going to steal "our" jobs.
If they mean the lower paying menial jobs that most americans won't even deign to take, then no one should be worried, because from what I know, these are usually where these people end up. Jobs like mine - working retail, in kitchens,janitorial work, crappy office jobs, etc. Now don't think I'm disrespecting the people who have or take these jobs, as I and many of my friends throughout life have had or are still in jobs like these. What I am saying is that these jobs are without decent benefits if any, not a living wage, and are managed by people who need to be hit in the head with dull heavy objects repeatedly. These are the kind of jobs that put up signs in windows and ads in employment papers saying they have "career opportunities".
That's like calling poop a nutrient rich toothpaste, suitable enough to be spread on toast.

I know that other countries economic testicles aren't nearly as big and not being displayed in a gold lame thong as america's, and that there are many places in this world that aren't great to live in, but I just don't understand the reason to rush to a place where things are expensive, pay is less than it should be, and that many natives can't even afford to live a decent life without either starving or working themselves to death.

And why are people worried about "our jobs" being stolen by illegal immigrants when so many other jobs have already been and are still being outsourced to other countries by our own people?

So we got on the topic of how americans are lazy (and stupid). I won't deny that many many Americans are incredibly lazy, but we're really not doing much culturally to promote otherwise.I don't think it's just that americans are lazy, I think it's also that our fucking system is broken. There are too many people working too hard at too many jobs to make ends meet or get ahead so they can retire someday (if they are lucky). I'm 30, and I'm tired.

People who are older then me will surely say "Yeah, sure, you're tired. You haven't put in enough time to be tired. Wait til you're 50 or 60." To them, I say, bullshit. I've put in more than my share of time working crappy job after crappy job, balancing them with school and paying bills, loans, and still trying to have a life on top of it. I'll still be paying loans when I'm fifty. If I have enough energy in 5 or so years, and we can afford a house, we may be almost be able to afford kids.
I shouldn't be tired at thirty, but I am.

Don't give me any bullshit about "Oh, you're getting old." No, YOU'RE getting old. You're getting old because our eat it now throw it away culture has run you ragged, raw and dry. Because your diet sucks, your morale sucks, your boss sucks, and because the pace of this world is so fucking fast that no one even stops to remember that they need to get more than 3 fucking hours of sleep a night. You're tired because you're addicted to this lifestyle of high speed self abuse.

I don't believe enjoying life and living it the way it should be lived has to start at 60, at an age when more and more people are winding up in nursing homes, or coming down with assorted flavors of cancer before then.

I have nothing against working hard and i have a good work ethic. I can hold down a job, show up on time, and I usually wind up being one of the favorite employees - and it's never because I give a shit about the business's sales goals/agendas. I do have a problem with how our country treats work like a goddamn marriage. Everything is a business and it all comes down to revenue. You may now kiss the dollar.

I don't want to work hard for some stuffed shirt's car collecting hobby, or so they uphold their luxurious lifestyle. I don't want to bust my ass making money for someone who could even give a shit about me if they even are aware that someone besides them exists.

I'm tired. I'm not lazy. I'd love to be lazy. I'm absolutely terrible at being lazy. I suck at watching TV. You have to staple me to the couch to get me to just sit still. I can't read much because I get preoccupied with everything I have to do. I'm apparently, a very overly motivated person. I could have no job at all and be at no loss for things to do. I'd be able to overwork myself without any problem.

But for someone like me, the system is not only busted, but rusted, corrosive, and causing tetanus as well. Applying for a job means you have to nearly turn yourself inside out to prove yourself to someone who doesn't know you and who has already been through the drudgery of having to wade through the "lazy people". So, naturally you're treated like most everyone else - as less than you really are. Once you get a job, you have to bust your ass not only on your own work, but pick up slack from those "lazy people" who have gotten through the initial hiring filter. And if you're in retail, then may god have mercy on your soul because the customers sure as hell don't like to. You're a robot, a hologram. A talking apron who knows all the answers and has a magic fucking wand to bend to their every stupid consumer request.
And you wind up cleaning the toilets a lot. More than you should. More than you clean your own damn toilet.

I am so very angry and disappointed with the economic religion of this country. Sure, we're balancing on top, but at what cost to our people and our sanity? The rich and entitled wouldn't survive a day doing the jobs that many middle and lower class people have to endure.

Sometimes I don't know if it would be better to cry or break things. or both. Or involve more fire.

Don't give me love it or leave it. Don't even give me don't complain, do something about it. If I felt that I could actually do something about this, then I'd probably vote more than twice in the three decades I've been alive. I realize that all I am doing is complaining, but it keeps from from becoming as destructive as I feel when some yuppie asshole is asking a for service or a discount that he clearly doesn't deserve.

I hate work. I've said it before, I'll say it a million more times before I'm done breathing. it's bullshit. BULL SHIT.

The best way that I can thumb my nose at the corporate establishment, at our stupid consumer driven capitalist dysfunctional society is continuing to strive to start my own business (which i alreay know will get taxed out the ass assuming I make anything). But at least I'm doing something.

Ah fuck this. dessert search.