Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I'm at school. Gee , what a surprise. The putz isn't in yet. hopefully I'll be headed to class before he gets here. I survived a very loud concert last night. Ministry - first time seeing them. Very good show. Lots of fun. There's nothing like seeing a big, long haired guy with a bandana on his head in a leather jacket happily hugging a scowling scotsman. Absolutely adorable.

Currently coughing up smoke from last night and downing some cranberry apple tea.

blah. i'd rather be asleep right now. Actually that sentiment goes for just about any given time, except when I want to eat. I've forgotten what my own cooking tastes like.

well, I guess I'll go stare blankly at the computer screen for a few hours til class. yeehah.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

So....I've actually had my first decent meal in a couple weeks, and I slept well on top of it. My body doesn't seem to know how to handle it, so of course I'm feeling vaguely sneezy and coming down with a cold -ish. but, I think some altoids and tea and water will help. Maybe, just maybe I can get back on some kind of normal life know, eating and sleeping like a normal human.

Not that I know much about normal humans.
Speaking of abnormal, I saw curling championships on tv this past weekend. Why anyone would take a game that was obviously devised by the scots as a drunken dare and make it a "sport" is beyond me. I'm agreeing with the george carlin school of sports on this one. Pushing a rock and then running in front of it with a broom on ice does not make you an athlete. Nor does hitting a little white ball really far with a stick. there's no physical strain or conditioning necessary.

And yet I see these people wearing their cute little corporate sponsored team uniforms and looking SO serious about sweeping in front of their rock...good fucking god.
It's almost as bad as luge.

The scots are laughing at them. I can guarantee it.
Which brings me to a discussion I've had before about the irish and the scots, and which culture is a bigger bunch of lushes. I can get away with this of course, because i have both irish and scottish blood. See, the scots are a bunch of drunks, but they still have enough sober brain cells to be creative. How else do you explain, golf, bag pipes, kilts, curling, and haggis? All drunken dares. every single one of them. The irish on the other hand, are so drunk that all they can do is boil their food until it can be piped through an IV and see fairies. Is there really a question of which culture is more alcohol dependent?

Hmm....I could use some bailey's.

Anyhow, I'm trying to get caught up on life outside of school this week when possible. Pulling costumes for my third show, which is a task, but also have a concert tonight and a cast party on saturday for the show that is currently up.

My radio show remains untouched, despite my attempts at ressurecting it. This weekend I'm thinking it will be taken care of. Must straighten out the billing issue.

Well, another thrilling day here. Yee. Putz is in early. for an interview with a new person. Thank god I'm leaving in fall.