Thursday, September 18, 2003

I'm killing time, and it's dying a slow, obnoxious it's expecting to get an oscar for its performance or something.
ok, so i partially take back those comments about quizilla. here's a decent one:
Just Insane!
You are Charlie, and you are just Insane. A little demon lives in your brain that warns you about the evil powers of toast and tells you to put socks in the freezer. Seek help.

Where Are You on the Gothic Colour Spectrum?
brought to you by Quizilla
ok, this about sums up the sentiment for today:

Disconnected train cars of this whole
plan to
being constipated. I feel
very innocent if the wedding website to come out of bacon...
it been a beeping
noise when idiots like to a laxative.for no
one of severe drama either or the
smells from the pile
of all,
of anyone and pining.Send me
Some of town wedding music
and see if he be doing and equally raging senses of those
in varying shades of their faces that
parents really need to get
my personality, things
to waste hours
of bullshit.

if this keeps up, I will be forced to eat all the ice cream.
on the planet.
after looking for any vaguely amusing quizzes on quizilla, I have noticed that a great portion of them are actually very very bad. Either just pointless, or badly done.

of course, perhaps they were made simply as a time filler by someone bored like me. The difference between me and them however, is I'm just sick enough to go find my own damn free quiz making code and take time to make pretty pictures and formulate decent questions. At least moer amusing questions.


I am disgruntled. maybe I'll be gruntled later.
blah!!! Been having mornings waking up either blah or sad for no discernable reason. And this morning, although I have plenty of things I could be doing and a perfectly wonderful day to do them, I feel restless, bored and moody. :( Woke up an hour earlier than usual, was up for a bit, then went to relax and actually went back to sleep for a few minutes. Woke up in time to not be awakened by stupid telemarketing call.


eating crackers.

now what?

it's not like I don't have over half of the wedding website to put up, or a new radio show either. or more things to clean. or exercises to do.

I ask myself what I WANT to do...and my answer is something along the lines of...Duhhh-er?

How annoying.

There's nothing worse than being a creative person who is A. unmotivated, or B. undirected.

It's like being constipated.

I know I'm supposed to be resting and preparing for the oncoming school year, etc. and getting rest after the wedding, but......ehhhh.


so far i have no direction, and that just plain sucks.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

In the late night adventures with strange poetry generators, the following verses were produced from this very blog:

Disconnected train or
chunk of
his best friend outside
of their customers will
continue the planning. blows
goats. I already drowning in kilts,
and ramblings, comments
and your promises of closeted fantasies they are
much Peep // 6/30/2003 Sound barricades itself as
be expected. however, I just fine
and buy
them because someone will
outdress me off, how to
not dropping that
becomes useless in
the mind numbing amount of acquaintences,
and meatlike substance.
Following the

Disconnected train or since my whole
plan to make me feel very innocent if a
meaning only a
form. a common feeling
this whole plan on
a bunch of my way
bigger than our currency
of the money very
often than someone I wonder kind to join the process of sleep,
severe drama either personal life
happens. around a good to
talk to teach mike
has a lot of occurence
happens around but overall, I quite a
lot of
the imprint my veins. Likewise, I wanted
to crawl under my butt in one
of extensive rants before.
So, I
have returned.

ahh...the fun continues....