Thursday, January 01, 2004

I've begun the new year with a lovely hangover. Not as bad as some hangovers...just a bit fuzzy around the edges. And a bit tired still...

But last evening was fun. And I had what was my first and for all I know perhaps my only experience with absinthe. Yes, the green fairy. Keep in mind that I only weigh like....2 pounds and that alcohol in general has quite the effect. So over the course of a couple hours I had 2 shots of it, sipping it slowly. I don't believe I drank enough to see anything weird, but things sure were fun and happy and I recovered well. The stuff I had was very licorice flavored, and made me feel like I was going to blow out green wispy flames upon exhaling.

I can see how Van Gogh and Poe got hooked on the stuff...but I plan to keep my ears.

Otherwise, Mike has gotten his gifts - he's playing with his PS2 as I speak.

Yar. Fuzzy head. I slept, and even dreamed coherently, but it doesn't feel much like I slept.

I'm very anxious to move. I cleaned the apt not even a week ago...and it's trashed again. Which is a definite sign that we need more frickin room. I've been sewing, drawing and painting, trying to finish christmas presents, and hopelessly ignoring my last semblances of homework...which I should do tomorrow. Of course, why shouldn't I want to do my homework during the FIRST 2 WEEKS OF REST I'VE HAD IN 4 MONTHS??!!!

I sleep a lot, I've actually started cooking again. I missed my own damn cooking! Food from a box just doesn't cut it when that's all you have. Encore has been looking like the devil's work lately. I've had to force myself to spend a couple days doing nothing relevant, because even though I've had time off, a lot of it has been spent cleaning this pothole we live in, and making stuff for other people.

Not sure what the order of today is yet....perhaps a movie, maybe dinner, surely a nap.

Looking forward to getting the last 2 weeks of the semester out of the way so I can get on to doing all the things I should be doing, like changing my damn radio show, finishing the wedding website, and crucial agony, and every other god forsaken web thing I've forgotten to torture people with. yargh.

All i can say is, happy new year, and thank god for GTA vice city.