Monday, September 11, 2006

Alright you little weasels, you can make nasty comments towards me now, since I have altered my template. Lemme know if it's working (or not)since I had to cut and paste some code in myself since blogger was taking nap.

In other news, the upswing of the pendulum continues as my days at my former workplace are now numbered indeed. A second interview turned into, "Hey, want this job?" to which I agreed. I will start on the 25th. Basically, what I will be doing is reading posts from guestbooks set up with online obituaries. I will delete ones that are inappropriate. I have to commute to evanston for 2 weeks of training, after which I will telecommute from home. As far as pay, it's sideways movement. I'm getting more for less hours, and I will be saving train fair and mike's gas money by not having to commute. I will likely also be saving us gas money on weekends as I'll have more time to get small food shopping trips done during the week - I can walk it - therefore leaving more time on weekends for doing whatever the fuck I feel like doing.

So, at the moment, I feel odd. I feel good, obviously I impressed these people, and I had a good feeling about the interview after I had it. This is the easiest job search I've ever had. I only applied to ONE place. Which makes me wonder.....should I be worried? Is this too good to be true? If things are really bad there for some reason, I could always go back to blick (blech) because they like me and I don't plan on burning any bridges.

But I sense I won't have to. I'm always wary about getting my hopes up, as usually they get crushed like some kind of crunchy insect with squishy green insides. I'm nervous naturally. And I feel sad at having to leave Blick, because I've met some really cool people that I want to stay in contact with - they are the best people I've ever worked with,to be honest.

All the same, I needed out of retail. What I will be getting out of this job, is more honesty. I'm not schilling stuff for people who don't believe in what they are doing. I'm not feeling less than human catering to people who look me up and down like I've escaped from the nearest circus, and treat me like their personal shopper. Yeah, I will have to wade through some heartrending stuff, and paw through people's personal emotions as raw as they might be - but the stuff that I will be reading will be HONEST, and real, as ugly or beautiful they might be.

And lets face it, death happens to everyone. It's far more natural than running a cash register. I'm less afraid of death than I am getting stuck at the register.

We shall see what transpires.