Thursday, January 22, 2004

word for today: groin.

excuse me, but is that a groin under your chair?

please sir, can i have some more groin?

my, but it looks like it could groin any minute.

I seem to have some groin on my shoe.

The reception is fuzzy again, better adjust the groin.

Would you like some groin with that?

Yes, maam? You called about the groin?

Dammit! My groin is out of order. That's the third time this week!

And if you order now, we'll send you this space age groin, free of charge. You can keep the sharpening stone if you decide not to keep it!

I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's order out for groin.

Give me the groin Frodo, I'll carry it for you.


Well, then....

Where have I been? Moving, of course. Every possession I own. Not done yet either, but mostly there. FINALLY Mike and I have a decent amount of room for our stuff., and we will soon have 2 new little members of our family to join us...hopefully.


Little black guinea pigs. How goth of me.

It's nice to be in a new place with a lovely kitchen and a real dining room table. I've started my cooking frenzy again. tasty tasty.

Since I haven't blogged for a bit, and since I hope to prevent any further receivings of those ridiculous emails that people forward around, presenting all kinds of obscure and disturbing facts about themselves, I decided to post a nice big long list of random crap that no one ever really cared THAT much to know about me. And, if anyone ever sends one of those forementioned emails again, I will make a kind footnote and present the link to this lovely blog. :) I'm so nice.


favorite song: uhhh....that varies. how about songs? Make Me Believe - Slick Idiot,Blush - Razed In Black,Little Missile- Mesh, Pore-OGHR. Really I have rotating favorites...

favorite food(s): RIBS, anything mint flavored w or w/o chocolate, dark chocolate, crab rangoon, tom yum soup, beignets, anything that was charred to death on a grill, potatoes in all forms...

favorite smells: roses, lilacs, mint, sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, charcoal grills, anything baking, mike's hair

favorite color: Well, i wear a lot of black, but my fav color is indigo, no wait- hot pink, no purple...can i choose all 3?

favorite numbers: 9, 7, 11, 13, 3

astrological sign: aquarius. I get along well with other aquarii, have some trouble with virgos, talk too much with geminis, and am glad that I am on the good side of most scorpios I know. I get along well with cancers too.

chinese astrology: dragon. YAY!

favorite drink (alcoholic): hmmm...usually bailey's, but I like fruity stuff...hurricanes are tasteeeee.

fav non alch drink: TEA. tea tea tea. no coffee. coffee bad. tasty but bad. I like fruity tea and mint tea.

fav pair of tights:.........i don't think i can answer that.

fav snack: wait. chips. and dip. french onion dip. can I have both? PLEEEZ?

if I could be any animal, I'd be a : CROW. that's a no brainer. There's some people I'd really like to poop on..yeah, and flying is cool too. :) or an octopus. they're scary and change color.

fav pet: Mike...uh, er, guinea pig, yeah. :)

what kind of car do you drive: the imaginary kind.

fav TV show: TV? is that the soul sucking box thing with the moving pictures? Well, If I must choose, I'll say Iron Chef and MXE. Thank good for the japanese. And thank god I don't have cable or that would be all I'd watch.

fav band:....hmmm, lemme think.....uhh....i don't know, maybe RAZED IN BLACK???

hobbies: dancing, writing, plotting, scheming, drawing, eating, sleeping, costuming, dressing up, spouting random words at friends, ice cream (for me it's a hobby dammit), making 5 million god awful webpages and then never being able to update them being I'm too busy sleeping and eating ice cream, my radio show ( god rest it's poor neglected soul), graveyard photography, squeaking, acquiring plush, growing my hair, wearing boots, smearing glitter on everything, looking thoughtful..etc...

you will most likely find me: behind the couch. Jesus and i hang out there. no one ever thinks to look there. More cheese curls for us!

you will never find me: at a mall. the mere site of the limited corporation makes me wither on contact.

people say I look like: no one really ever says i look like much of anyone. I've never had a "twin" or doppleganger, there's no famous person I resemble...granted someone in my guestbook said I was "hot like Jennifer Connelly". thank you but...nnnah. I'm just a weird chick with long colored hair who people still address as MAAM. :P

things I dislike: MATH. corporations. mushrooms, except when they're with badgers and snakes. malls, people who hang out in malls, people who design malls, people who build malls. vapid pop stars, asinine people who try to date vapid pop stars, people who don't know when to stop being serious, advertisers, telemarketers, gossipy people, bad teachers, artsy artists, pretentiousness, elistism, people who write sitcoms, people who star in sitcoms, everyone on the board of directors, people who suck the joy out of life and cough it up like a big slimy hairball on your feet, loud unexpected noises, people who insist on following fashion trends, people who drive and talk on cellphones while honking at you even though you've done nothing wrong, politics, and poopyheads.

things not many people know about me: i read tarot, but only for myself. I was and am still able to write in hieroglyphics to a certain extent, my dreams are almost always vivid and very frequently lucid, i once owned a bryan adams tape, I am really a pickle in disguise, I'm actually smaller than I look, I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, the original meaning of my name as printed in the baby book my parents used was :Beloved Elf??!!, I'm arachnophobic, I have slight vertigo, I see dead people, I'm Irish, German, Hungarian, Scottish, English, French,Slobbovian and Pedestranian, I sang the lead in my senior year musical in drama, I wore hoop skirts to high school, my toes were replaced by small fetishes in the shape of bunnies one evening by severly malignant gnomes, and I taste like waffles.

what mike likes about me: I'm insane, and cute. and I'm a good cook. and I let him play grand theft auto

things I'm good at: cooking, drawing, sewing, painting, complaining, whining, sleeping, eating, drafting, designing, insanity, droolling, baking, dancing, mooing, dressing myself, collecting skulls, shedding, wearing glitter, wiggling my toes, rolling in grass, being under the influence of gravity

fav word: uh....spork?

if you were a fork, spoon or knife you would be a: spork?

if you were a car you'd be a :spork.....


celebrities that annoy me the most:..... you know there's so many it's really not even worth my time.


fav place: New Orleans. I'm going to mail myself there in a plastic baggy lined with circus peanuts for extra padding

least fav place: anywhere that's the outside. oh yeah, and offices. (tweak)

what I like most about Mike: he's cute and looks at me like I have three heads when I do anything weird, he likes my cooking, he's squeezable like charmin, he looks nice in period clothing, he'll listen to my ranting, he'll join in my spontaneous mental crack sessions, he tolerates my plush, and he looks great in a skirt.

things i like about my friends: they haven't turned me back into the science lab where I belong. (thanks guys!)

fav fruit: apple, spork

fav time of day: afternoon/evening.

fav day of week: saturday

fav month: any that doesn't involve snow/cold icy winds

fav season: summer/fall/spring...uh....spork

fav state: insanity

what I'm wearing right now: clothes, damn you.

most annoying thing ever: badgers.

afraid of the dark?: not so much any more. but the amount of glow things I own has certainly helped

if you could be a piece of furniture: naughahyde couch ensemble

dammit, aren't you done with this stupid list yet?: no. spork.

fav kind of food: thai, chinese

fav holiday: all saints day, day of the dead

fav celery: ....spork?

fav random noise: nar or arrrrrrrr. sometimes merrrrr

fav historical period: 1880's, early tudor, ancient egyptian, early 1700's.

are you a human?: lemme get back to you on that.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! tons of useless information of no practical relevance!