Monday, July 12, 2004

I just CANNOT win.

So, I go all the way down to the YMCA where I am working to costume Guys and Dolls, because I am supposed to meet the interim producer who is to accompany me to another YMCA branch where i can paw through racks of free clothing to see if there's anything I can use/alter/hack apart.

Her flight was delayed and she won't be in till this afternoon, which means today is basically shot. No one can exactly help a dealyed flight, so I'm not mad at her, I'm a little miffed at circumstance. Never mind...I leave, find some lady's driver's license in the middle of the street. go back to the YMCA and give it to the desk person, cuz god knows if my license (should I manage to someday get one) is in the middle of the street i'd sure as hell want to knoe someone found it.

So, I go home.
There's a message on the phone from a costume shop person at the steppenwolf, where I had been trying to contact someone for weeks, literally, to help work on costumes for a film for a grad film student I know. They wanted me to give them a call, stuff about people still needing measurements, blah blah blah, as if I was suddenly involved.

Trouble is, I sent the filmmaker an email last week apologizing that I couldn't help wiht the project after all, because I'm now getting down to crunch time on my other project and I just won't have the time I thought I would to help him.

Sounds like he didn't get the memo...either because his partner was in the hospital or because he was just busy. So I call the nice lady at the shop and explain. She's very understanding and didn't know I was off the project.

I didn't know I was ON the project. It's hard to be ON a project when you can't even get a hold of anyone to figure out what's going on and what you are supposed to do.

Playing phone tag for a month doesn't count as a guarantee of anything in my book.

So...what the fuck now?

I can't seem to get done what I need to, and all these other silly jobs that I can't have seem to want me.

And I'm still waiting for my costume shop manager at school to call back to see if I can even have hopes of borrowing things to cut down on my budget.

When's my frickin vacation?