Monday, August 18, 2003

"You can't have a continuous stream of defies the laws of butchery!"

ahh...finally a laxative.

for my blog, I mean.

What the hell have I been doing? Do you care? Do I care?

Quick summary of the past couple months:
160 high school age kids with raging hormones and equally raging senses of severe drama (either personal or public) all jammed together on a college campus with a cafeteria that serves food in varying shades of brown. These beings put on no less than 10 plays which had only a month to put together. I served in the costume shop where I learned that pants are annoying, and some that parents really need to teach their kids how to iron properly. Now imagine my delight as the lack of sleep, severe lack of personal life or decent conversation with significant other and extreme increase in appetite sets in. Cue the bright flashing lights of encroaching insanity.

End month with 160 teenage ac-TORS, only to start weeks of dreams about STILL being there with them. Meanwhile, my wedding plans are quickly fermenting like so much corporate manufactured beer.

Please note the imprint my ass has made on several chairs in my apartment, and the even deeper divit that closely resembles my likeness in the mattress on the floor that I commonly address as "bed".

Please don your radiation suits as we pass the pile of encrusted dishes and stagnant water on your right. Centuries ago, in the kingdom of casserole and meatloaf, there was a vibrant community of colorful vegetable matter and meatlike substance. Following the decay of this culture, there arose an enlightened society of bacteria which subsequently developed its own autocratic society.

radio show? heh. yeah right.
web pages....just barely.
meditation? if you count the blank stare lingering on the wall? sure.
cooking? is that when the dead things get heated up and then we eat them?
wedding dress? how about just some socks?

So, there you have it. Fun, isn't it?
Oh...and then there's the mind numbing amount of blatant web surfing which has led to the neglect of many duties.

So, how about now? hmmm, well, there's that wedding thing again. thanks to the temporary reinstatement of my personality, things have actually been accomplished. No, the dress is not done. far it looks as if I quite possibly will be DJing my own wedding.

Finally achieveing some quality time with the organisms know as Mike and other friends...but nonetheless i want to flee to new orleans and not return.

yar. hoist the misen. swab the poop deck. batter the scallions. arm the poodle guns and be prepared to fight the oncoming jello.

I will miss ye.